Standard Color Choices

Warm vinyl colors provide a comfortable blend to any decor. Never needs painting. Won't chip or peel. Vinyl colors are through and through.

  • Exterior Colors: White, Beige or Brown
  • Interior: White, Beige, Brown, Light or Medium Woodgrain
  • Combinations Exterior/Interior: Light Woodgrain, Beige Woodgrain and Brown Woodgrain
  • Exterior Solar Reflective (SRF) adds 16 warm colors See Below!

Note: Woodgrain options not available on hoppers, circletops, eyebrows and other specialty shapes.

Internal Grid Design Patterns

Internal Grid Styles

Unlimited options available including everything from one vertical or horizontal grid bar to twenty or more depending on the size of your window. Prairie or diamond styles add a designer look to your home.

Colonial or Contour style internal grids compliment or accent any window color or style.

Colonial Grid Style

Contour Grid Style

Internal Diamond Grid Patterns

Multiple styles of internal diamond grid designs to choose from. Available in multiple colors.

Hub Grid Designs

Internal Hub Grid patterns can be accented with etched corners to provide a circle top effect without costly construction.

Art Glass

Etched Glass Patterns

The elegance of Oxford's art glass enlightens Oxford Educated Choice replacement windows with additional style, beauty and charm. This unique feature adds a look of fine architecture it is designed to compliment your home's beauty while adding a definite distinction. Available in two different etched, frosted and beveled corner combinations.

Glass Designs

Etched Glass Patterns

Specialty etched glass is available in 6 deisigner patterns or can be customized with your own pattern.

Bevel Grooved Glass

Choose from eight designer Bevel Groove glass patterns, or customized with your own pattern.

Solar Reflective Finish (SRF) Exterior Colors

SRF exterior vinyl window color process starts with a chemically enhanced polyurethane enamel finish. Specifically formulated with superior heat reflective properties, you can now have colored window exteriors that resist warping, bowing, cracking, peeling, chipping, flaking or blistering. This long-lasting high-tech coating with outstanding durability allows the use of deep rich colors without the maintenance headaches associated with wood or fiberglass windows. Oxford's SRF colors allow you to match or compliment our designer entry door finish colors.