Customer Testimonials

Our experience with Ameritech was fantastic. They were always friendly and flexible. The scope of our project went way beyond windows which forced us to make a few minor changes along the way and they were flexible in helping us reach our goals. The staff in the field and in the office were always willing to answer questions and be part of the process. The windows are fantastic. We could tell the difference right away. They work great, look great and will provide comfort in our home for many years to come. Thank you to the entire team for a really smooth process. We're already looking ahead to finishing the other floor of our house with windows from Ameritech.
Amanda Slates, August, 2015

I am a repeat customer. I have now ordered my 3rd and final set of windows. The installation crew have been real professionals and are polite and courteous. The sales staff was incredibly informative. We really appreciate the time that Ameritech has given us. We would recommend them to anyone!
Jen A., August, 2015

Got Oxford windows last year before winter and have been very please with the look and easy of cleaning them. They have save approximately $70 dollars in the winter months with having the windows installed. Looking forward for the next phase.
Pat Kenny, August 2015

Four portions of this review: 1) presentation, 2) installation, 3) follow-up, and 4) customer service. ***This is the second house for which I have replaced all the windows. Ameritech windows are - by far - a better product than the first big-name brand that I used in my previous house. Please do your homework and give AMERITECH a shot! The presentation - very thorough!! Strongly shows the quality of the window comparing all aspects (quality, construction, energy efficiency) to other window manufacturers. I found it very beneficial but perhaps a little long. These windows are absolutely the best thing out there - and I did my homework and sat through all the top company's presentations. I especially liked how Jake helped me select what I wanted for my personal needs (regarding both energy efficiency and looks) and didn't try to sway me to purchase a different (higher priced) item like some of the other companies tried to do. Bottom line - QUALITY! They have it, the other companies don't. You need to see it. Installation - great! The team that worked on replacing all the windows in my house were professional but approachable. They did an awesome job to prep each window area and cleaned the area carefully before moving on to the next window. We immediately noticed a difference in temperature and noise in the house. What a beautiful and smart investment these windows and sliding glass door have been!! Follow up - wonderful!! The installation team clearly explained how all the windows worked including special features, etc. Jake called to make sure that everything went well and I was satisfied with the work done and the product. Great warranty, too! Customer service - PHENOMENAL!! Jake went WAY above and beyond to accommodate my needs throughout the whole process. I felt like Jake was really looking out for me and at no time felt like he was in this business to make a buck. He definitely wanted to supply me with a product that would make my life better. He was a pleasure to work with!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND AMERITECH WINDOWS AND DOORS!!!
Karen Helfrich, July, 2015

Brad and Mark were on time and did a very professional job. My door looks beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better job installing it. Jake who sold me the door stopped by to make sure everything was going good. Great customer service all around. I can't say enough good about this company.
Sandra Bachant, July, 2015

The Ameritech guys were very helpful, and very professional. help us with financing. the installation was great and took no time at all.
Mary Tallerday, June 2015

August 2013, we decided to replace our large screen door. We were new to Ameritech and we decided to only replace the door. We are extremely happy with the door. No more drafts, cold air, or heat radiating from the door. The installers were courteous and quick. They cleaned up well after the job was complete. Two years after the door installation, we have decided to replace more windows with Ameritech.
Craig Hammersmith, May, 2015

Excellent service, excellent product and excellent warranty. We could't be happier
Dan McLellan, June 2015

Sales experience was great. Customer service and installation went very well. The team was very knowledgeable and we came back to order a door installation.
James Covington, May 2015

I have made three purchases from Ameritech and have been more than happy with all of them. I started out by purchasing a front and back door, and was impressed by the level of service. I later purchased windows for the whole house, and love the cost savings and the updated look they provide. Perhaps the best thing is the tint which lets the light in but keeps the heat out. They might cost a bit more than other brands, but the quality is worth it. You get what you pay for.
Greg Marshall, Jan. 2015

I'm pretty high maintenance when it comes to having work done on my house, and after having bad experiences with other contractors, was skeptical about Ameritech delivering on their promises. Jake Savageau did an amazing presentation about the quality of the windows and followed up regularly throughout the process. Don is a professional, and very knowledgeable about these products, and the installers were courteous, professional and quickly and efficiently installed the windows, which we love. The installers also made sure that they protected our home from the lead paint discovered in the windows, and did an amazing job of cleanup. We're ordering again from this team because of the great work they did and the responsiveness they gave throughout the job whenever we had questions or concerns.
Melissa Sheehan, March 2015

We highly recommend this company and the product. From the very first meeting with Jake, we could tell this company was top notch. Jake helped was very thorough and informative. He explained the process completely. He was very good about explaining the quality and difference in Ameritech's product compared to others. Our windows were installed and the installers were just as professional as Jake and top notch. They were on time and they did an amazing job. Our windows are amazing. We can already fell the difference in our home. A half an hour after the installers left, Jake came by to make sure everything went well. We were beyond impressed. Typically sales people do not follow up after they have made the sale. Jake was there with an half an hour. IMPRESSIVE. The professionalism, quality, and communication from start to finish has been EXCELLENT. We are going to get new doors from them soon, too. Highly recommend! QUALITY---PROFESSIONALISM ******A+++++
Smith Richards, March 2015

We are so impressed with Ameritech Construction Corp and our rep, Jake Savageau--- they have done the doors in both of our houses now . We bought an Ameritech entry door a few years ago and had Jake as our rep and Don and his installation team did the work and then were pleasantly surprised when Jake showed up to help us at our new house when we called about getting a couple new doors installed again! If you are looking for a high quality product and great customer service, you can't go wrong with this company. They get five star reviews for a reason...
Lyric Turner, Feb. 2015

Awesome setup, quick, easy. ordering more windows now. Installation was quick and I'm happy with their product.
Davis Fredregill, Jan 2015

Jake was very knowledgeable and really knew what he was talking about. He explained everything perfectly and always asked if we had any questions. The product is amazing, we had windows put in two years ago and have loved them and every benefit that has come with them. We have told everyone about your company and will continue to rave about the windows. Now today we are getting a new screen door and front door and can't wait to reap the benefits of that, plus making our home look so much better. Thank you so very much for your amazing products and service.
Anthony Nelson, August 2014

Amazing product, amazing installers (Brad was great!), and the sales guy Jake really cared about our install and came back after just to make sure we were happy with the experience.
Chris Delorey, May 2015

Great service and very thorough. Our new windows have been amazing! Thanks!
Meghan Rubinstein, May 2015

I knew before I bought them that I would like the windows because my daughter had them and is very pleased.
Jane Tallerday, May 2015

We used to see the blinds moving with the windows closed when the west winds came up (as they do here near Boulder) and heard every gust of wind in the night. I was amazed at how quiet the bedroom became, these windows are amazing! The noise from barking dogs and traffic is remarkably diminished as well. Originally put just four windows in and now going for more. The finish work and install was smooth and efficient. I would recommend these windows above all others.
Nancy Anders, August 2014

I am a repeat customer and have had a very good experience with your company. This is the third time I have had you install windows and doors. Scott did a very good job of explaining what will be happening when you install the last set of windows, and also noticed that the trim on the windows needed to be replaced. I appreciated the fact that the installation team did a wonderful job of cleaning up after themselves. That doesn't always happen when I have things done to my home. If anyone would ask me for a recommendation for having new windows installed, I would definitely recommend you!
Daisy Sedalnick, Nov 2014

The experience was great and the customer service was excellent. He presented a great demo of how the windows worked and just could not nor would not say no.
Ryan Bishop, April 2015

5 Stars for Windows and Installation Experience / 4 Stars overall when considering the sales experience. Bottom line: The Oxford windows have exponentially improved the appearance, comfort, and noise levels within of our home. I would not have been aware of the quality features of these windows had it not been for the obligatory sales demonstration. I received similar in home sales experiences from Home Depot and Window World sales reps. When you see a one-star rating in a few reviews, note that the individuals did not actually purchase these windows. The Oxford windows are substantial in construction and appearance. They complement my home and don't look like they belong on a garden shed or camping trailer. Fifteen windows averaging 20 sq. ft. each were installed over a two-day period approximately two weeks ago. The installation crew was polite, timely, and diligent. The interior and exterior fit and finish of these windows gives them an original build appearance- yet they are more energy efficient and low maintenance compared to the original wood product windows installed in my home.
Rory Travis, August 2014

Arrived to install on time, very kind and professional. Love the windows -- they're beautiful and excellent quality. We would do business with Ameritech again and highly recommend them
Holly Burger, Nov 2014

Wonderful experience!! This company has been wonderful to work with. Great communication, on time, very clean and efficient. We originally hadn't planned on replacing all of the windows in our home but are so thrilled with our windows that we have ordered the rest to be installed. Highly recommend!!
Monica Townsend, August 2014

We purchased replacement windows for two stories of our house about two years ago through Ameritech. The windows are really nice. We love them. The service was great. So we are now getting a large window for our basement.
Renee Schwalger, August 2014

Ameritech is an amazing company. Worked with them on three different projects. Each project was done on time and on budget, flawlessly. Even had a warranty claim filed and competed due to a neighbor breaking my front window. I highly recommend Ameritech for ease of service and high value.
Carl Vereen, August 2014

We NEEDED to replace the former replacement windows, and Ameritech knew it. ;) We got an Energy tax credit for EVERY installation! ;) We were able to do the windows in 3 segments, and now we're finally getting doors! These are the VERY best windows available. The installation team is ALSO the best. It took them far less than a whole day every time, and they were courteous, polite, thoughtful, and very careful. They cleaned everything up; seemed the house was cleaner after they left! We are SO happy. The financing is also awesome and really manageable. The house looks SO much better, and there are NO drafts any more! Each year we've had progressively smaller energy bills because we don't have to heat/cool the outdoors. YAY!
Argel Mocsck, August 2014

Jim Elliot came to our house during a weekday evening after I arrived home from work. I already had made up my mind that I wasn't interested in new windows, but my wife wanted to hear about them as an option for our house. We lucked out! Jim compared and contrasted his product to the other windows out there in terms of construction, functionality, installation, warranty, business ratings and soon it was obvious that no other choice was the wise one. When he offered us an incredible discount for signing on the first contact visit, I was sold. Brad and Mark installed the windows several weeks later when the custom windows arrived. They too were A1 professionals. Later, Jim and I discussed other remodeling projects I have in mind, and when I'm ready I'm calling him! If Ameritech can't do it, Jim knows contractors who can. Kudos to Jim and the Ameritech team!
Colin O'Donnell, Nov 2014

I worked for them quite a while ago, do not believe a word they tell you about price. Model home, Windows for cost......B.S. Their sales is like this; L.A.E.T.I.C.A - Listen, Agree, Empathaze, Turn objection into question, Isolate objection, Confirm their honesty, then Answer the objection......Repeat as needed. We were basically told to use customers words against them until they signed, and never leave without a signed contract, unless you are kicked out. I quit because they began targeting the elderly, and also because most of my sales were cancelled when the husband got home and realized what his wife just bought........
Jared Amos, August 2014

We have a front door installed and love it. Has been a very good investment. We are now having home windows installed. Looking forward to the great advantage of having good windows.
Stevie Leone, August 2014

I had a fantastic experience with Ameritech. While the bid came in high compared to other companies, I was able to work with them to bring it down - quite far actually. They even have financing options, if you need it.
Ryan Burkhardt, August 2014

The sales person was knowledgeable about the product and was able to explain all the features of their windows. Knowing quite a bit about construction myself, I was impressed with the quality design of the windows. The sales person even had a full scale display of the windows, and does several demonstrations with you, including how the windows operate, how well they insulate, even how well they stop sound.

The windows were made to order; I have a house built in the fifties, and lets just say these weren't what we consider "standard size" nowadays. Two months after meeting with the sales person, they came and installed the windows. It took them just about 4 hours to do 7 windows in my house, the installers picked up after themselves, and hauled away the old window frames. All-in-all, a very straightforward and painless process.

The windows themselves look wonderful. They've been installed for two months now, and my power bill has already dropped dramatically because of how efficient they are. The other plus is the noise - I live on a busy street right next to a firehouse, and I can't hear a thing when the windows are closed now.

Definitely impressed, and I will be calling them to do any other windows I need replaced in the future.

Just had our 1st set of replacement windows installed and couldn't be happier with the quality. The sales pitch was long and stressful but it was no different with other companies we got quotes from. Jake kept us very informed about our options and showed us his product and warranty compared with their competitors. Also, he cleared some up some myths we had heard from other places. Ameritech was certainly not the cheapest option. Ultimately, we decided to choose them because of 1) recommendations from others, 2) flexible in working with our budget, 3) knowing we were getting great quality, and 4) not having to deal with contractors for installation or warranty issues. The install crew was very nice and went back and caulked a small area that was done poorly on the previous windows that I asked them to fix after they had already packed up. Jake even stopped by the same day after our windows were installed to check that we were happy with them and everything was done right. I will definitely be using Ameritech to complete our windows and doors in the future.
Derek Drechsel, July 2014

I got my first set of windows from Scott in spring of 2012. I loved the windows! As an engineer, I REALLY enjoy how energy conserving these windows are. I have cut my bills from $120+ a month to less than $70. (Usually less than $50). I just purchased my final set of windows because of how happy I was with the initial set. I would HIGHLY recommend Ameritech for anyone looking for friendly service and above all great, good-looking, low energy cost windows.
Matthew Ross, August 2014

I had three new doors installed in order to keep my energy costs down. The crew was very professional, and did excellent work. Cleaned up their mess, was very willing to talk about exactly what he was doing and why it had to be done that way. I will eventually be getting new windows as well.
Christopher Hogan, August 2013

We have bought windows for our entire house in two transactions and the experience has been outstanding. The salesman, Aaron, was super friendly and helpful and really knew what he was talking about.

We had half of the windows installed last year and they helped keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer due to the insulation they provide. We can't wait to have the rest installed so the other rooms don't bake in the summer and freeze in the winter.
Aaron W, August 2013

This is the second installation of windows from Ameritech. I've found a great different in the house temperatures, to the positive. They replaced some old aluminum windows that were very leaky. The work was well planned, the small crew cleaned up inside and out and were careful with the outside plants. I'm very pleased and happy with these new windows and have one more round to go. I would recommend these to anyone looking for new windows. All the people associated with Ameritech are easy to work with and very pleasant. They will answer all your questions.
Kathryn McWilliams, August 2013

Scott did an excellent job describing the windows and demonstrating the energy saving features. Be aware this process took over 2 hours. The only part of this process that was annoying was that Ameritech REQUIRES that both myself and my wife be present for the sales presentation. The quality of the windows is top notch. Ours have been in for about 2 months and we have easily felt the difference in the room. The installation crew was excellent. They arrived on time. Worked until the job was done. They were all polite and professional. They cleaned up inside and outside before leaving and made sure we knew how to use the features of the windows. These windows aren't cheap but I feel they are a good value and we're happy we bought them.
Rob Christensen, August 2013

Our sales consultant, Aaron, was very informative and patient, he walked us through the entire process. After we received our first two windows, we were so impressed with the quality of the product and the commitment to excellence of the installation team, we couldn't wait to get the rest of the house windows installed. Aaron drove all the way across town, days after the birth of his daughter, to come back out to our home and work with us to make sure we got the right financing package to fit our needs. I've never been so comfortable with a major home improvement project. Thank you Aaron.
Kristin Smith, August 2013

Aaron was awesome with helping my parents select windows and getting the financing. He didn't try to sell them anything they didn't need and took all the time they needed to make the decision. We looked at Home Depot and they sent out a guy who didn't have pictures and didn't have information about windows and they didn't offer financing. The installation crew came out early because it was supposed to snow and stayed until it was done. They cleaned up after themselves - inside AND outside. They didn't spend time messing around or taking lots of breaks, just showed up, put the windows in, cleaned up and left. Aaron stayed in touch to make sure the installation went OK. Called to make sure that the Xcel bill went down like he promised. Aaron is awesome. Installation crew was awesome. The windows - Can I get the whole house made out of them? We are so happy with the windows, we are now getting the front door done. Now the windows: Heating bill down 50% - YES 50% Noise reduction - Shot gun blast a block away; we didn't hear ANYTHING, can't even hear the neighbors or the kids fighting anymore. Dust - so much less. I only have to dust once a month instead of once a day.
Anne Williams, August 2013

I Had a number of vendors to my home and given a number of estimates for doors and windows. You Get what you pay for. I decided to go with Ameritech after seeing the unique quality of the products. I've had two installs so far with one more to come. I am having my work done in stages. The Installs were quick, but high quality work as was described at point of sales. I have been extremly happy overall with the product and install. Would not choose another company or another product. I would highly recommend Ameritech.
C.L. Clark, August 2012

This company is awesome to work with!!! My new bay and garden windows are just beautiful and make my kitchen area look HUGE!! The work crew was extremely qualified and professional and were fun to be around. I could tell that they had done many, many installations, and they worked together very well. The windows cost a bit more than I had planned on, but totally worth every penny! You DO get what you pay for, and now that the windows are in, I wouldn't have it any other way! Ameritech ROCKS!
Karen Bialkowski, August 2014

I recently had Ameritech replace the windows in my home and couldn't be happier. They did windows in my previous home about 8 years ago and I loved them. I have been in my new home about 2 years and couldn't stand the windows anymore. The drafts and cold in the winter and the heat baking into my west facing living room in the summer was unbearable. I had a couple estimates from companies that my HOA recommended. The windows didn't seem to be as good from what I remembered as the ones that Ameritech had installed in my prior home. I wasn't sure if Ameritech had green exteriors which was required by my HOA. I called Ameritech and was happy to find out they did have green exteriors. I should have called them from the start. They did the same fantastic job that I remembered them doing the last time they did work for me. What a difference the new windows have made this summer. Having had these amazing windows in two homes now, if you want excellent windows and workmanship, Ameritech gets my highest endorsement.
Sarah Sasse, August 2012

My experience with Ameritech was terrific. The windows are high quality but it doesnt end there. Everything from the customer service department, to the salesman to the installation was great. They are friendly, curtious and most of all professional. The salesman who came over was by far the most knowledgeable of the 3 other estimates that I got. He took the time to go over everything for me and my wife and we are grateful. I had several questions before the installation took place (because of my engineering background) and Brian took the time to answer all my questions. Then finally came the most impressive part, the installation. Don and his team treated my house like it was there own. They were so professional. My wife was nervous because we had new carpeting and we just assumed that we would need to get it cleaned after the window installation. Well, we were wrong. They actually took shoes off and put down drop clothes. I am not even sure they touched the new carpet at all:) These guys are amazing and I'd refer them to anybody. Thank you Ameritech
Barry Davidson, August 2012

Excellent service, windows look great and friendly installers. Overall extremely pleased with the entire experience!
porsche12083, August 2014

Jake Savageau took the time to explain the product. After our initial order of three windows we decided to have additional windows and two sliding doors installed. The windows and doors are packed with features and look great.
Mike Tinney, August 2013

Everything looks beautiful, they were all very courteous & professional, very satisfied! Thank you very much!
Sonja F., August 2014

We have really enjoyed working with Ameritech. While the initial presentation is longer than we anticipated, it is no longer than any other company and we have met with several (it also depends on how many questions you have for them). Our first installation was a sliding door and we love it. We had one problem with the glass, they came out and replaced it; no questions asked. We are now beginning to phase out our old aluminum windows and the second appointment was very short and to the point. I am satisfied with the financing options and the work has never taken as long as they initially budgeted.
Christina Martin, Sonja F., August 2014

I am a repeat customer having ordered windows/doors 3 times in the last year. The quality of the windows and doors have exceeded my expectations. The installation was timely and professional.I highly recommend them to anyone.
Michael Piccolo, August 2014

Ameritech Construction has provided us with a superior product and equally superb service. The windows and doors we had installed last year are making a big difference in our 108 year old house. They reduce the road and train noise in addition to blocking out the cold and heat. The installation was done by professionals who have worked for Ameritech for many years. The insulation they added, caulking and trim work left no room for drafts and the windows operate perfectly. We are very pleased with what we got. Ameritech Construction is a top quality company so, expect to pay a fair, competitive price for top quality products and service that's not available with most other replacement window and door companies or chain stores.
Earl Riggs, August 2012

I have been extremely pleased with my purchase of these windows, would definitely recommend it to someone else.
Rolando Lopez, July 2014

I was taking estimates for window replacements. When I made the appointment I was told it would be a 1 hr apmt - it turned into 3. He planted himself in my living room & treated me like I didn't know a thing repeating himself over & over again. I said I wanted to replace windows, he quoted me for windows & DOORS. High pressure close - I would have to sign that day for the discount. When I said it was a ludicrous price, he kept pressuring me to opt now for financing. He wouldn't even give me a copy of the estimate to keep to compare. I would not recommend this experience to anyone. I got new windows from another company and love them (for a fraction of the cost)!
Anastasia Striegnitz, August 2011

Great people and great service. My wife and I had the windows and sliding glass doors replaced. Our house came with cheap builder grade windows. The sliding glass doors came from a BIG NAME competitor and I couldn't wait to replace them. Even with the furnace constantly going most of the house was still cold. After installing the new windows and doors this past winter, we were able to crank up the thermostat a few degrees for longer periods and the heating bill was the same as last year! The install guys even bring their own Swiffer and mop your floor! Nice job.
Don Wester, August 2012

Great windows, really strong warranty that covers seals, and very easy process
Matt Landen, August 2014

Great windows, fast installation!
Thomas Heimerl, August 2013

We wish we would have met Scott and Ameritech sooner!!! My husband and I had a fairly new house but horrible windows. When it snowed, we had frost and in the summer they were always hot. Now with our new Ameritech windows, our house is comfortable on the inside and our windows match the temperature in the house! Ameritech was professional and easy to work with. Scheduling was accommodating and they had excellent follow through and answered our questions throughout the whole process. Scott even spent an hour on the phone with me after we placed our order just explaining the process in detail. I have recommended Ameritech to my neighbors, friends and family. Thank you Ameritech for making our home even better!!!!
August 2012

We are in the process of having all our windows replace with Ameritech. We started in 2004 and today 2012 we are finishing up our entire house. We have loved the entire process from starting paperwork, to consturction, replacing, and finishing. Everyone in the company has been very helpful and eager to please and take care of our needs. I recommend them to all who wish to use their windows.
August 2012

We have been so happy with our new windows! We put new windows in a bedroom over our garage because it was previously too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The new windows have made a tremendous difference - the room is temperate and comfortable. We are thrilled with the quality. The people we worked with were professional, prompt and courteous. I highly recommend this company. Previously we had purchased windows from another, cheaper, company and the quality was terrible. The cheaper windows do not control the temperature as we'd hoped and after only one year they are having trouble opening and closing. Ameritech quality is far superior.
Kerry March 7, 2012

Bought an entire house full of windows in 2000. They still look and WORK exactly the same. Needed 1 last window installed here in 2012. Pleasantly suprised to find same people: Ameritech! Still have same installers! Thrilled with windows! Never hear traffic! Saved tons in energy bills.
August 2012

I was shopping for new high quality windows and interviewed multiple companies before meeting with Scott from Ameritech. The other companies I received estimates from didn't really spend the time to fully educate me about their product the way Scott did. He walked me through all the details and technology that was invested in making their windows unique, which I was already noticing based on shopping around quite a bit before sitting down with Scott. I was seeking a highly energy efficient product, but also one that would reduce outside noise, since I live downtown. The sales process went extremely smooth and I felt very informed and very comfortable making this investment for my home. I didn't want cheap low end windows, nor would I ever make such a large investment from a company that didn't spend the time making sure I fully understood what I was buying. The windows were installed and were great! They made it warmer and quieter, which was exactly what I wanted and as Scott explained they would be. Great experience and I fully recommend Ameritech and Scott!!!
August 2012

Almost an identical experience to other reviewers. Super high pressure, treated my wife and I like children. He came down TWO THOUSAND dollars in the price, trying to get us to sign that day. If he was able to come down $2000 on the price for three windows, what does that tell you about the initial cost? Even after the "same-day signing discount," they were STILL the highest bid we got! Price aside (they will argue quality is expensive - fine, I'll give them that) it was not a comfortable experience, being put on the defensive in our own home. We did sign the contract to preserve the price (this was only the second estimate we received) after he assured us we could cancel for any reason within three days. We did cancel, and were treated with the utmost disrespect on the phone. Terrible sales tactics, super pushy, very rude. Would NOT recommend.
August 2011

Let me just say that I'm dubious on all of these 5 star ratings. In any case, the windows they offer seem very very nice, I'm not going to dispute that. What I find horrible is their sales technique, just as another reviewer stated, they say it'll take 1.5 hrs but takes closer to 3. Partly because they have a huge binder to go through. Why do they need to flip through all of these quotes from other companies? I don't know. But at the end you feel like you've been through the ringer. Through it doesn't end there. They start with some astronomical highball price so that when they tell you the today only special it sounds reasonable, until you think about how much the quote still is. At the end they basically tell you either you buy these today, or your stupid. Not a good way to win customers in my book. Product maybe golden, but the way they try to sell them to you is shameful. Don't make the mistake of letting them into your house.
August 2012

I LOVE my new windows and the whole experience I had with this company, starting with Scott, my salesman.The installation crew was so professional. I had 5 other estimates before I found Ameritech. You get what you pay for.You can buy shoes in Walmart and you can buy shoes in Nordstroms. Which one do you think has better quality? These windows are amazing.They have made such an enormous difference. My friends didn't want to spend the money and bought cheaper windows and they are such garbage, that they now have buyers regret . Mine are triple pane! Thanx Ameritech!!!
August 2012

I called to set up an appointment. The person on the phone asked when is a good time for them to come in so that both me and my girlfriend are home. I said to him that both me and my girlfriend work full time and go to school full and never are home at the same time. he told me that we both have to be there so they can explain the options to us. I said" me and my gfriend are on the same page and what you communicated to her i will hear from her later. he said . sorry i can't help you , and hung up the phone. so be aware of some solicitation / marketing tricks they might play on you. I have a feeling they might have a way of making the deal sounding sweeter then it is
August 2012

I bought some windows from these guys 6 years ago and just finished the rest of them last week. I cannot say enough about them. From the sales team to the installers, Don and Brad were amazing. I have neighbors that bought from Champion and they were awful. The workmanship was sloppy and you could see all the caulk marks around the windows. Don and Brad were so careful and treated my house as if it were their own. I would recommend them to anybody!!!
August 2012

We had our windows replaced and the experience has been great! The Project Manager was very detailed in his presentation so that we knew exactly the kind of products we were getting. We would gladly recommend Ameritech Construction to friends and family.
August 2012

My unpleasant interaction with this company kept me from even getting a quote because the person in customer service was rude and unable to listen.
August 2008

This person interrupted me so often that I found it hard to believe that they would take time to hear my needs and requirements. In fact, he never let me finish a sentence to tell him my willingness to pay for an additional quote if necessary.

Overall, there are plenty of other companies to use, this one needs serious help with customer service.

"Our experience with Ameritech was incredible. We moved into an older home that had single pane windows. Our energy bills were outrageous. I'm in the construction business and was able to tell they had superior products. The entire process was totally painless. The crew that installed the windows did a wonderful job and cleaned up better than I could have. Our energy bill has changed dramatically. We know good work when we see it and would highly recommend Ameritech to everyone."
Rick and Kat L., Westminster, CO

"My husband and I just had all of our windows replaced in the home. We are more than pleased with the results! Already we've noticed a difference in the temperature of the home. There are no drafts. We are able to keep the thermostat lower and still remain very comfortable. Not to mention the house looks brand new with these windows! If you are looking at this company for the first time, they will deliver exactly what they promise. They provide exceptional service in addition to a quality product."
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smith, Jr.

"Because our triple-paned windows are so thermally efficient, there's no need to fiddle with the thermostat in winter or summer, says Simon. Once I set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature, I don't have to touch it all year long. You can't say that about other windows." John and Milly Simon's, Grosspoint Park, MI

"Since installation I have not turned up the heat! Thank you!!"
Marilyn Anetzberger

"Thirteen years ago, I had new windows and a patio door installed by another construction company that was recommended by the local consumer advocate. We were pleased with the windows at first, but over the years they began leaking and some would not lock all the way. I called the company, but they had an attitude of "it's your problem now." I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new windows and doors. The representative who briefed us was very polite and not pushy. He spent a couple of hours explaining everything we needed to know about the company and the windows. We liked his demonstrations. He gave my wife and me time to discuss what we had seen and heard. He did not pressure us into making a decision. We noticed the difference the first night, even though the job wasn't completed. It was so nice not to hear the traffic like we did with the old windows. Even nicer was not hearing the heat clicking on and off. I know that we will be very happy with our new windows and doors. I would highly recommend this company for all your window replacement needs. You will not be disappointed."
Bill & Gloria B., Denver, CO

"We were very impressed and pleased with the workmanship, quality of staff, and quality of work. We will have them back to do additional windows over time. Can't say enough good things about their work…and energy savings with the Triple Pane windows and doors."

"It has been a few months since the installation of my new windows and as someone working the night shift I can't believe how quiet it is in my bedroom. There are no more drafts and the first few months of this winter have been the most comfortable I've had in all my years living here. I am extremely satisfied with my decision to go with Ameritech."
Michael H., Littleton, CO

"We saw the savings in our oil bill right away. That was only with the first half of the house done. The second half of the windows was completed the following year- October 2008. We had the same work crew as the first time around. They were just great. They even took care of a bee's nest for us. The most remarkable thing was the ice storm in December. We lost power for four days. We were lucky. Some people lost power for thirteen days. Your windows held the heat in very well. After two whole days, we started to worry about restoring the heat in our house. Even at that, it had only dropped down to 47 degrees. The chilling temperatures outside were at 32 degrees or lower. We absolutely love our windows. There are so many great things about them. They simply fit our lives. The traffic in front of our house is almost silent. There are no more drafts. The heat in our house is even. Cleaning them is a breeze. The style of windows we chose helps the air flow in the summer. We just can't say enough. Thank you for creating such a great window."
Rick Mayne & Tammy Bucchino

"I am a structural engineer and we were most impressed with the engineering and design of the windows. The installers were friendly, thorough and professional. My wife and I could tell they had been installing windows for years. It seemed this was not a job to them but a profession. The windows look so nice. My wife and I are thrilled. You can tell the windows are top quality and well designed. The installation of the 12 windows took one and a half days. 10 windows were installed the first day. The weather turned cold after the first night, so we had a chance to put our hands on our old double-pane windows and the new triple-pane windows to compare the difference. And there definitely was a difference. The new Ameritech windows were warm to the touch and the old ones were quite cold. Ameritech has been in business for years and judging by the way they do business and the quality of their product, I can see why."
Larry N., Littleton, CO

"We couldn't be more pleased. We have gas heat and had been concerned about winter heating bills because the price of fuel has skyrocketed. Our most recent heating bill was about half that of a friend with a comparably sized house. One additional benefit that we didn't really think of until after the installation is the reduced noise. We live off Lawyer Road and had always thought the house was relatively quiet given the traffic nearby, The new windows have completely eliminated the traffic noises and have made for a much more pleasant environment.
Marianne Mears, Reston, VA

"Our new windows were installed last fall and I am sure glad they were. The windows are absolutely wonderful! Our dealer helped me understand all the benefits of what their window had to offer and the information to back it up. I knew I was getting a high quality product. They also helped me with the financing. I couldn't believe they showed up on the day the work was scheduled and finished the entire job in one day. They made it look so simple! Not only do the windows really hold in the heat but they keep out the noise. I really appreciate being able to sleep better at night and not hear every little noise outside. Besides all these great things they also look great. Thank you so much Ameritech for making my house a better home."
Steve M., Thornton, CO

"In the coldest months, our heating bills approached $300. We knew our single-pane wooden windows needed replacing to stop the energy loss and cut our utility bills. Maintenance was also an issue. Washing the windows was an all day project for two of us.. I'd stay inside and he'd go outside, climb a ladder, and balance a bucket of cleaning solution. We'd raise and lower the storm and inside windows until we got them done. After purchasing triple pane windows the house is so much warmer and more comfortable now. We set the thermostat to about 69 ºF. all winter and I go barefoot. We're saving on our utility bill and have no maintenance. And they're so much easier to wash, we don't mind cleaning them. That leaves more time for fishing and golfing."
Sandy Clark, Lima, OH

"I must tell you I am so elated over the change in my home. I used to think my air conditioning wasn't working properly and I would ask the technician if I needed Freon when he did the regular check ups. He always said it was fine. I sit in front of my windows and do a lot of crafts and saw a change immediately the next day. I have the sun come in from the west and afternoons are the hottest part of the day. I realized my air conditioning was blowing hot air around before that was coming in through the windows. Now my air conditioning is blowing cool air and it reaches across the whole room. I sit in my chair now and can't get over the change. I am so comfortable and this week has been a good test. I even raised my temp to 82° and the whole place is comfortable. I do have a fan on in the living room. Sorry to write such a long letter but I must tell you I also get the full hot sun from west. I used to close my bathroom door in the summer it was like an oven and in the winter it was so cold. I hated to go in to shower. Now I have the door open during the day and night and the temperature is the same as rest of the house. I wish I had done the windows sooner. I have lived here ten years. It is well worth the investment. I am enjoying my small place so much more. The heat outside is not coming in and I know I will be more comfortable this winter. I'm sure I will get more benefit from the heating system. A job well done and your men were fine gentlemen and I will be telling my friends what a difference the windows make."
Evelyn Rokart

"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation to your organization. Everyone involved with the manufacturing process should know that they are doing a great job and that the windows your organization manufactures really do work! I was skeptical about the three-pane system and the projected energy savings that the sales person made. However, after reviewing my consumption of gas and electric one year after the installation, I have to admit that investing in three panes of glass worked for us. We consumed 53.2% less energy after getting the windows. I like the lower energy bills…my wife likes the change in comfort level. Prior to investing in the windows, my wife would complain about how cold it was during the winter months and how hot it was upstairs (mainly in the bedrooms) during the summer months. We have not had that conversation since having your windows installed. Energy bills go down…comfort levels change…it's such a great investment. Everyone should have your windows! More than Satisfied."
K. Nies, Reston, VA

"We had 12 of our existing windows in our home replaced 2 years ago. It was a big decision for us because they are not the cheap variety, but we were convinced it was a good investment, we would get what we paid for, and we should do it. We only had 12 done instead of the 17 windows we have, and they said we could do the rest later if were satisfied, and have time to pay it off. The time is now!! We absolutely LOVE these windows. When everyone else was screaming about the heating cost when prices went up, ours stayed the same. This year our heating bill has actually gone down instead of up. They are SOOOO easy to clean, all from the inside, no ladders, we never have to struggle to get old windows open, some didn't open at all before. No more frosted over windows in winter either. Fresh air in the fall and spring is so easy to have. And they worked with us to make it affordable for us. It is definitely one of our best investments, and now we are getting the other 5 windows replaced."
Jim & Annette Haltan

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