Oxford entry doors are superior in every way.

You'll enjoy the highest quality craftsmanship through the years as Oxford's superior entry door system creates a stunning appearance while protecting your most valuable possessions - your home and your family. Our sophistication and distinction will turn your ordinary doorway into a … Picture Perfect Grand Entrance!

Traditional Series

Flush with textured stamped oakgraining. From completely private to a full non-obstructed view. Add a touch of class by choosing a grid pattern to accentuate the clear glass. Stainable/paintable door lite frames. Grid patterns are molded on glass frames on both interior and exterior sides. Models with Low-E and internal Mini Blinds are 1" insulated glass; other models are 1/2" clear double glass.

Sturdy aluminum blinds are protected from moisture and dust by being sealed between two panes of safety tempered glass. Easily control light and privacy with effortless fingertip controls. Blinds are available in white only.

Classic Series

Textured stamped oakgraining with embossed impressions. Stainable/paintable door lite frames on most models. Grid patterns are molded on glass frames on both interior and exterior sides. Grids create a divided glass look with insulating glass being internal. Low-E glass and internal mini blind models have 1" insulated glass. Other models are 1/2" clear double glass.

Oxford's exterior, heat resistant, Solar Reflective Finish (SRF) for vinyl windows creates a world of color for your home that once was mostly white or beige. Ask your sales representative which door paint colors are available in color matching SRF for our vinyl windows.

Stylist Series

V-grooved hand-crafted bevels and clear glass creates just a touch of distinction. Embossed oakgrain door with oakgrain paintable/stainable door lite frames. 1" double insulated glass.

Rain Glass Series

Let the Light in With Maximum Privacy!

Simply stated - the Rain series lets light in and maintains total privacy with rippled obscure rain glass. Embossed oakgrain door with oakgrain paintable/stainable door lite frame. Glass is smooth to touch with rippled effect sealed to the inside of glass pack. 1" double insulated Low-E glass.

Ambassador Series

You never get a second chance to make a terrific first impression!

Creating true value in a tastefully delicate way results in the Ambassador glass. Hand-crafted bevels, clear glass in diamonds, and glue chip accented with brass caming. Embossed oakgrain with oakgrain paintable/stainable door lite frames. 1" triple insulated glass.

Laurel Brass Series

Privacy Accented With Sheer Elegance! Setting the standard for affordable designer glass, Laurel is sure to win you over! Distinctive brass caming accents, granite glass trim with clear diamond and floral bevels are highlighted on a glue chip background. Embossed oakgrain door with oakgrain paintable/stainable door lite frames. 1" triple insulated glass.

Platinum Reflections Series

Old-World Stunning Charm! A ray of old-world charm is created with distinctive platinum caming accents and granite glass trim. Clear diamond and floral bevels are highlighted on a glue chip background. Embossed oakgrain door with oakgrain paintable/stainable door lite frames. 1" triple insulated glass.

St. Jane Series

Outstanding Elegance & Sophistication! Royal elegance clearly defines the sophistication of the St. Jane glass. Hand crafted bevels accented with rippled wave glass, textured clear and gray glass and stunning solid brass caming. Embossed oakgrain textured door with oakgrain paintable/stainable doorlite frames. 1" triple insulated glass.

Solitaire Series

Distinction Beyond Compare! Making a distinct impression, crafted jewel bevels are accentuated with granite glass, frosted glue chip glass and solid zinc caming. Embossed oakgrain textured door with oakgrain paintable/stainable door lite frames. 1" triple insulated glass.

Heather Series

A stunning symmetric floral design stately beautifies the embossed oakgrain textured door. Renaissance glass, glue chip and clear bevels are accented with shimmering brass caming. Oakgrain paintable/stainable door lite frames. 1" triple insulated glass.

Special Oxford Steel Replacement Door Highlights

  2. 22-gauge hot dipped G-40 galvanized tension leveled vertically grained steel
  4. Interlocking tabs and non-removable hinge pin. Each hinge plate has 8 screws (4 per side), that prevents binding and sagging.
  6. Tapped to inside of steel door so door can be adjusted up, down or side-to-side
  8. Permanently riveted in place
  10. 20% to 60% thicker than all doors tested. 1/8" thick reinforced steel at lock area.
  12. Superior thermal efficiency and strength
  14. Prevents forced entry by splitting door apart.
  16. Injection-molded lock reinforcement protects hardware while providing a superior thermal barrier.
  18. Stronger than standard locks, virtually impossible to cut, jimmy or twist.
  20. Aluminum kerfed-Similar to high quality refrigerator door seals.
  22. Replaceable 6-way fin extruded vinyl sweep provides the maximum protection from air infiltration.
  24. Rejects rain and air penetration. Inside thermal nosing prevents cold conduction.

Outstanding Security

Your security means everything to us. Special lock preparation reinforcements, 18-gauge steel frames, 12-gauge locking-pin hinges mounted to an additional 12-gauge steel reinforcement plate and 22-gauge galvanized steel skins equals security designed to be the best. Every door has a 40-year transferable warranty that includes an exclusive three-year glass breakage replacement policy and five-year finish coverage.

Statistics show that most home burglaries occur through a door! It’s no secret that wood doors make forced entries easy.

Tests show that our 18 gauge steel frame replacement door out-performed a typical wood configuration by nine times. The added time required to attain a forced entry through our ultimate replacement door system would be enough to discourage most perpetrators.

Oxford Doors offer superior security features:

  • 22-gauge heavy textured steel skin with precision finisehd steel angeled edges on all four sides - oak gran texturing technique enhances this strength.
  • 18-gauge reinforced steel "L" angled painted frame
  • Interlocking yellow chromate, 13-gauge rust-free non removable interlocking hinges are reinforced by 12-gauge steel plates that are welded to the steel frame and door
  • Standard with steel five-pin tumbler lock and dead bolt
  • Heavy duty locks with full 1" bolt and hardened steel pin that resists being sawed through or jimmied
  • Unique thermal and security lock preparation
  • Extra wide angle security peep site lens viewer
  • B-Labeled Fire Rating

Outstanding Thermal Performance

High-impact door lite frames are made with superior heat resistant material to prevent warping or cracking under normal conditions. Available in paintable or stainable finishes to complement your door style. Match your door color or add a contrasting or similar color or stain.

Choose from a variety of maintenance-free molded frame and frame/grid styles that provide ease in two-tone painting or staining. Grid patterns are molded on glass frames on both interior and exterior sides. Grids create a divided glass look with insulating glass being internal.

Scientifically formulated finish limits ultra violet light discoloration. Maintenance-free PVC doorlite frame material is a rot-free alternative to wood. Special wood graining texture maintains the beauty that wood brings but eliminates the troublesome maintenance that by nature goes hand-in-hand with wood.

Optional all-year heat reflective low emissivity glass is available in some Traditional, Classic and Rain Glass door models. Low-E increases your door's energy efficiency without blocking your outside view.

  • 2.2 pcf. poured polyurethane chemically bonds to the steel to create the highest resistance to cold conduction available – insulates five times better than solid wood doors
  • Draft-free top and side magnetic refrigerator-like weather stripping assures a positive closed seal
  • Compression stop TPE long lasting rubber on hinge side
  • Full width adjustable extruded aluminum/wood threshold ensures a good tight fit for excellent energy efficiency. Low profile and wide extension threshold are available for special installations.
  • Six way fin blade replaceable sweep virtually eliminates air and water infiltration
  • Fully adjustable threshold


Customize your entrance with style and ultimate security!

Polished brass, antique brass or satin nickel hardware finish colors complement your choice of glazing styles.

Proteccted by the Schlage "Ultima" lifetime warranty against tarnish,, corrosion and mechanical defects. Quality Schlage hardware adds the finishing touches to the unique character of every entry system. heavy duty construction provides long-lasting smooth operation and protection from unwanted intruders.

  1. Five-pin tumbler cylinder entry locks – quick release safety button on inside and key lock on outside
  2. Security dead bolt lock with full 1” cut-proof bolt and hardened steel pin that cannot be sawed or jimmied – single cylinder with outside key lock and inside turn knob; Double cylinder has inside and outside key lock
  3. Decorator grip handle with styled alike dead bolt – thumb latch entry with security of rugged dead bolt locking. 1” cut-proof bolt available in single or double cylinder dead bolt
  4. Double lever action handles with inside lever handle and outside key lock
  5. Door knocker with our standard wide angle lens viewer
  6. Security extra wide angle viewer with one-way lens for private viewing of outside visitors
  7. Pitcher handle adds a beautiful accent to cylinder entry locks
  8. Magazine size mail slot with spring closure outside and gravity closure inside; Satin Nickel has outside flap only.
  9. Decorative protective interior or exterior kick plates
  10. Quick, easy keyless entry accepts up to 19 unique user codes. Illuminated, wear-resistant keypad provides easy visibility with auto-lock and relock feature.